P.M.A.A. is a Bucharest based practice, established in 2012, by Alexandra Monoranu and Alexandru Mihai Popescu.

In recent years we have completed numerous commercial, civic, institutional, educational, residential, and historic preservation projects, for a variety of public and private clients.

We believe our success is due to our attention to detail, technical experience, creativity, and true professionalism that we bring to every project. The guiding elements for our designs are adaptability to everyday life, designing spaces that are as user friendly as possible and finding beneficent ties between the old and the new.

We love creating structures and spaces that have the ability to collect, compose and unify. We enjoy a good challenge in various domains – architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape and product design. We are traveling and researching in order to keep up with everything that is new in term of design and materials, so we can innovate and reinvent ourselves constantly. We like challenges and variety. We enjoy getting the best out of a strangely small urban spare just as much as we do planning for big wide open spaces.

We operate as a team, bringing together owners, users and professionals in a collaboration of knowledge, needs and efforts, gaining greater results and enhanced solutions. Regardless the scale of the project, our design process ideology is to collude all fields, from engineering and programming, to landscaping, art and graphic design.

Our purpose is to gather the necessary crowd for each project and ensure a result that makes our clients happy and at the same time does justice to nature and architecture.